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      Gold Star Exterminators has been recognized as a leader in commercial and residential pest elimination, and committed to excellence in every aspect of our operation. You deserve prompt, professional service at a reasonable price, and we will see that you get it. That's why since 1979, thousands of satisfied customers have placed their trust in GOLD STAR EXTERMINATORS.

      790 Rock St
      New Braunfels, TX 78130

      FAX: 830-620-5071
      PH: 830-608-1318
      METRO: 830-609-7700

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  • Main Services

    • Residential Pest Control

      With our GOLD STAR PLUS program, you receive complete, customized pest elimination service for lawn, shrub, and household pests. Your home and lawn will be guaranteed pest free.

    • Commercial Pest Elimination

      We'll use our specialized equipment and effective exterminating procedures to completely rid your property of all pests. Then we'll continue to monitor conditions carefully to prevent re-infestation.

    • Wood Destroying Insect Control

      Termites - The certified applicators in our Termite Division are experienced and expert inspectors, and our termite treatments, using our latest foaming injection procedures are guaranteed. We can also stop the problem before it starts by pre-treating soil before construction.

    • Other Wood Destroying

      Carpenter Ants - Carpenter ants damage wood by hollowing it out for nesting. Carpenter ants nest in both moist and dry wood, but prefer wood which is moist. Consequently, the nest are more likely to be found in wood dampened by water leaks.
    • Tree and Lawn Service

      We offer a full program of lawn and tree spraying services designed to meet your individual needs. Some of the more common problems with trees in are area are Webworms, Ballmoss, Oak Leaf Rollers and Fungus.

    Clients References

    • "Excellent Service! Your technician is always prompt and polite.  When we call for a re-service he is there promptly. Our residents and staff are very pleased with your service."
      K. Gideion Asst Property Manager The Augusta at the Gruene
    • "Gold Star Exterminators is always dependable, punctual, and professional. I have trusted them with my Pest Control service for several years."
      Tera Thompson
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    790 Rock St New Braunfels, TX 78130

    (830) 608-1318
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      Address: 790 Rock St
      New Braunfels, TX 78130
      Fax: (830) 620-5071

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